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OXYGEN GROUP was founded by two young management professionals in India as a sovereign advisory & consultancy service provider, in 2000 as a privately held consulting firm that specialized in quality management system implementation & training projects. The worldwide headquarters of OXYGEN GROUP are anchored in a multicampus environment in Mumbai, India.

The early mission of OXYGEN GROUP focused on the doctrine of management systems laid by the eminent people & organizations in the past. The firm carefully managed project work to ensure growth without the need for venture capital or going public. OXYGEN GROUP projects included developing plans for establishing international standard complying management systems, synchronized with the regular working patterns in the small & medium scale industries within the territory of Republic of India. From these early projects & modernization of Information Technology emerged concepts for developing a worldwide presence and online consultancy systems.

During 2002, it was observed that most of the small scale organizations dwelling in India follow the basic business processes as mandatorily questioned by the customer. However the support processes were not emphasized or were totally absent. These had to be initiated from the grass-root level. OXYGEN GROUP devoted its resources to developing a core set of questionnaire, application tools & information that could be applied to generate an error free & amalgamated system documentation. This is what is known today as PASB (Positive Approach System Building).

In 2004, OXYGEN GROUP held its first User Conference with a cluster of industry owners & representatives. This conference, attended by 18 people at the OXYGEN GROUP office in Mumbai, has now grown to be the largest annual OXYGEN event in the world, with more than 4,000 attendees from around the globe on Video Conferencing.

In 2006, OXYGEN GROUP launched its first overseas office in the Gulf and a commercial interactive software called OXYSys. It combined situational requirements with a database management tool for assigning attributes to the features of the Software. Originally designed to run on personal computers, OXYSys offered the first modern suggestive PASB.

OXYGEN GROUP evolved from a small consulting firm to one of the largest research and development organization dedicated to PASB by focusing on its user community. The relationship between OXYGEN GROUP and its clients is synergistic. Over the years, a unique culture has evolved, a culture that is user focused and emphasizes a team-based approach.

In 2006, another milestone was achieved with the completion of 500 independent turn-key projects. This changed OXYGEN GROUP from a one-product company and opened the doors to even more innovative product development. The organization started consultancy support for development of documentation for product certifications like the CE Marking.

Year 2007 brought more change and evolution. The global presence of OXYGEN GROUP grew with new Joint Ventures and Partnership arrangements with professionals based in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria & Tanzania. The services included Consultancy support in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP/ISO 22000, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, TS 16949 and product certifications. The wide presence in the market and highly competent manpower made OXYGEN Group a renowned organization.

OXYGEN Group's product line grew again in the mid-2007 with extended services in provision of management system professionals to the industries. Further, the organization started provision of hunting & recruitment of QA/QC Engineers for all Industrial Sectors which resulted in further promotion of the Brand. Participation in world exhibitions, seminars, presentations, public awareness programs were held to carry the presence to a penultimate level.

OXYGEN GROUP Today and Tomorrow

Today OXYGEN GROUP has more than 45 exclusive international franchisee arrangements in various countries. OXYGEN GROUP offers employment opportunities to qualified professionals from around the world and has a richly diverse work force. The Head Quarters of the Group remained to be in Mumbai, India. With 06 regional offices in the Republic of India, more than 45 international franchisees, and users in more than 55 countries, OXYGEN Group stands ready to meet the needs of its user community and to set the standards for the industry.

OXYGEN GROUP is privately held and debt free, and there are no plans for the company to go public or change ownership. The company's focus remains on producing excellent personnel and delivering exceptional service to users. We at OXYGEN Group believe that better information makes for better decisions. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, special people, and valuable experience to the collection, analysis, and communication of factual information.


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